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Partial list of Clients

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Max Piero

CEO, ReHub

I’ve been working with Devika on coaching sessions for a few months now. She creates a safe and confidential environment that allows going through a self-discovering process, identifying one’s strengths and focusing on optimizing them. Her ability to read people’s abilities and make the most out of them is extraordinary.

Anna Swan.jpeg

Anna Swan

Culture and HR,
Fair Employment Agency

Devika conducted a one-on-one self-awareness consulting session using art therapy. Her intuition, knowledge, and ability to understand links, patterns, and triggers is incredible. She has a natural ability to create a safe and trusting environment allowing you to get the most out of the session.

Danny Chun.jpeg

Danny Chun


Hai Kei Plating

Devika has helped me a lot, not only on how to be more confident on the business side but also on spiritually. She has helped me be socially accepting of myself and others.  She pays attention to details, giving me space to talk, present my problems, and I come back having a different lens through which I look at the same issue. There were lots of warmth, inspiration, along with directions of guidance, while I was encouraged to solve my problem in my way. As it is my own battle, I must fight it myself, while she was on my side to help me remove some of the distractions, and boost my confidence.

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