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An experienced author and well-known speaker on the coaching circuit, Devika Das is currently working on a series of books aimed at executives like yourself to help grow your abilities and confidence.
Reflective Edge Series

Each book in the Reflective Edge series contains 223 thought-provoking questions to help senior executives tailor their interactions for maximum effect and influence.

Reflective Edge:
For Senior Executives

Based on the psychoanalytical research of organizations, Reflective Edge: For Senior Executives looks at the topics of emotional intelligence, influence, self-aware leadership, reflection and self-worth. The first in the Reflective Edge series, it is the ultimate self-reflection journal for the progressive leader.

Reflective Edge Devika Das

Reflective Edge:
For Women in Business

Written for senior female executives, the second book in the Reflective Edge series, due out Q4 2019, focuses on women in business, with the aim of empowering them both in- and outside the workplace.


Reflective Edge:
Power and Influence

Due out early 2020, Reflective Edge: Power and Influence considers the complex topic of executive presence, posing hard-hitting questions to help senior leaders better understand and ultimately gain more power and influence.


Men and women with immense power are generally intimidating from a distance. This judgment is often harsher when it comes to women, who are looked upon with a more critical lens than their male counterparts. Women who have power can be seen as tyrants or as cold, rigid, aggressive or masculine. Core Executive Presence for Women aims to tackle these biased viewpoints and thereby provide empowerment women.

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