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I am a coach and trainer specialising in psychodynamic transformations for leaders. My goal is to help senior executives increase their presence, power, influence and impact in the workplace. I provide practical solutions to the complex challenges that face these leaders today – from making sound decisions to navigating political and cultural issues within their organisations. With my guidance, they can become more influential forces of change in their respective environments.


With over two decades of experience living and working in various countries around the world, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise.


I have worked with senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries, including the financial services sector, technology companies, hospitality, mining etc. My clients come from all corners of the globe - Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and north America. I am particularly well-versed in issues related to global leadership challenges such as cross-cultural differences, communication styles and virtual team management.


As a passionate advocate for the power of psychodynamic transformation, I have dedicated my career to helping professionals tap into their own unique potential. With a comprehensive understanding of international business trends and challenges, as well as extensive experience working with clients across the globe, I am uniquely positioned to bring insight and perspective to each engagement. My background allows me to offer a deep understanding of the dynamics and influences that can contribute to successful leadership.


I am an active member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, which is dedicated to advancing the field through ongoing research and learning. Additionally, I have been chosen to be a part of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council – a group of experienced coaches who provide their expertise on – as well as Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, which provides guidance on the future of leadership and management.


I am committed to helping leaders reach their fullest potential and in doing so, create meaningful and enduring change. I take a holistic approach to my work that takes into account both the inner-self of the leader as well as external factors such as environment and organisational.


Additionally, I have created and designed unique coaching tool to bring about meaningful and lasting transformation. It combines art, Eastern chakra philosophy and psychodynamic coaching to help senior executives gain deeper insight into their inner world and unconscious motivations.


My approach to executive coaching is unique in that it seamlessly combines the power of psychodynamic transformations with art, Eastern chakra philosophy and psychodynamic coaching. By calling upon these powerful forces, clients are able to gain insight into their inner-selves and develop tools for navigating complex social and organizational dynamics. My work helps clients to use their newfound understanding to create positive change and become more influential forces in their respective environments.

Ideal Coaching Clients:


1. Our program caters to professionals across diverse industries who are progressively transitioning from individual contributor roles to leading teams of performers.

2. As the digital environment constantly evolves, emerging leaders require adaptable skills to manage people and foster collaborations. This program aims to equip them with the skills they need to succeed.

3. Our program supports senior executives and general managers in their journey of change or transformation, by providing them with a strategic roadmap to set and implement new directions.

4. Empowering others and driving meaningful change require significant presence and influence. Our program helps executives in leadership positions at all levels to enhance their leadership skills.

5. Leaders in client-facing roles and organizations who aim to build long-term relationships with stakeholders can benefit from our program's focus on relationship building.

6. The program is also relevant for senior leaders who want to step into leadership with a solid understanding of themselves and a spiritual outlook.






To lead effectively in today's uncertain climate, it is essential to instill confidence in those around you. This includes your team, colleagues, clients, and business partners. With ambiguity and unpredictability being commonplace, it's critical that your team sees you as a trustworthy leader who can empower them. Your peers and customers need to have faith in your abilities and dependability, while executive leaders and board members need to have confidence in your potential to drive change and bring innovation to life. Building trust through clear communication, steadfast decision making, technical expertise, and a committed follow-through is crucial in inspiring this much-needed confidence.





For more than a century, the study of power, politics, and influence in organizations has been a point of interest, with extensive research in recent years. These three concepts are critical and prevalent components of organizational life, as they help illuminate how individuals operate in their environments and engage with others within organizations. This coaching program provides a comprehensive understanding of the existing knowledge of power, politics, and influence within organizations. It delves into the complexities of organizational relationships and behaviors, providing valuable insights into how individuals can navigate these dynamics effectively.





In today's digital era, businesses need agile leaders who can quickly respond to changing circumstances. These leaders must be able to make decisions quickly, influence effectively in a collaborative environment and foster a 'digital-ready' company culture that welcomes and adapts to change. This coaching format addresses the challenges that senior leaders face in creating a fair decision-making process, guiding their team to navigate tricky cultural and political issues and accelerate the change process. Utilizing state-of-the-art research, the course aims to enhance your ability to drive speedy and effective decision-making, overcome cultural obstacles, and lead with impact and efficiency in today's changing world.





PSYCHODYNAMIC INDIVIDUAL/ GROUP COACHING                                             

Psychodynamic Coaching brings together the disciplines of business education and psychology to train individuals to lead organizations, drive individual and organizational development, and successfully execute change management. This coaching program focuses on developing a person's capability and authority to lead people and organizations through transformation. It teaches individuals to understand themselves as instruments of change and how to empower others to champion change for the betterment of organizational growth and success. The program incorporates a systems approach to change and assimilates knowledge and frameworks to effect behavioral and organizational change. The course also emphasizes the importance of emotions, the economy of knowledge, and developing human capital. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the role of psychology and human behavior in organizational change, making them more effective leaders and team members.






The unique leadership coaching tool offered by Devika Das combines art, the Eastern chakra philosophy, and psychodynamic coaching to help senior executives gain insight into their inner world, motivations, fears, and desires. The combination of these three modalities allows individuals to address underlying issues that may be impacting their performance and become more self-aware leaders. The program helps individuals access seven major energy centers to maximize their leadership potential, receive guidance from Devika Das' understanding of psychological and spiritual principles, and discover new insights into their inner world. This holistic approach allows individuals to transform their way of interacting with themselves and others.







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“Devika provides support but challenges to ensure that you stretch yourself to deliver to your full capability. She has strong business acumen and understands the importance of clear, concise communication in getting your message across. She coached me as part of an INSEAD Executive Programme. I can highly recommend her if you are looking to transform or just hone your professional business & leadership skills.” 

Sandra Breene


President Personal Care, Croda International Plc


Executive presences training improves success at work by up to 89%. These exclusive executive presence training help you work on your power, influence and impact. Our executive presence training help develop innate people skill by making leaders more influential and impactful by understanding their psychology and power dynamics 

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Devika Das is working on a series of executive presence books. The first of the series covers self-awareness for senior executives, the second is involve creating an understanding power dynamics and the third one will talk about reflections for women leaders. These executive presence books, though may not seem directly related to presence but work on the psychological aspects of executive presence such as influence, impact and communication.

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Executive Presence FAQs

Here’s us trying to executive presence FAQs and leadership. These executive presence FAQs blogs on Executive Presence and leadership. These FAQs will help you in building a strategic executive presence. For more insights and ideas, subscribe to our newsletter.


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