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Research suggests that presence improves success at work by 89%


Executive Presence improves success at work by 89% through power, influence and impact coaching. Executive Presence is more than power posing and power dressing. It is an innate people skill that makes leaders more impactful and influential. 

Self awareness is the key step to building a long term strong executive presence. One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself as a leader is to look within. The Reflective Edge series helps you do just that. Each volume poses 223 hard-hitting questions to strip away the expectations of others and the mask you show to the world.


It's important to know the rules to be able to break them. ​Get invaluable first hand knowledge from me, snippets from my books and come with me on my reflective journey.

Devika Das

Devika Das is a speaker, trainer, and C-suite coach, specializing in executive presence, power & influence. She is an expert in enhancing self and interpersonal awareness to be more influential and impactful in life and career.

Devika’s international career spans 25 years living and working in 5 countries in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. 10 of those years were spent in mainland China, in the training and consulting industry.

She uses coaching tools that she developed at INSEAD as part of her thesis research. These tools help shift coaching conversations from mere transactions to being transformational. She is a learning coach at INSEAD and is also part of the Forbes Coaches Council.

She is the author of the Reflective Edge Series for senior executives which helps leaders enhance self-awareness. The next in the series is on impact, influence, presence, and power. Currently, Devika is working on a book on executive presence for women leaders.





“Devika provides support but challenges to ensure that you stretch yourself to deliver to your full capability. She has strong business acumen and understands the importance of clear, concise communication in getting your message across. She coached me as part of an INSEAD Executive Programme. I can highly recommend her if you are looking to transform or just hone your professional business & leadership skills.” 

Sandra Breene


President Personal Care, Croda International Plc


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